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Recently a church in Steinbach (where the uproar over this anti-bullying law is) released this statement in their newsletter regarding the bill:

"As many of you are aware the province is looking to pass a Bill on antibullying referred to as Bill 18. While we certainly do not condone any form 

of bullying and believe that measures need to be taken to ensure that our 

schools are safe environments for our children, we also need to be aware 

that Bill 18 is much more than an anti-bullying Bill.

In reality this bill is ultimately not about bullying. It is about aggressively 

promoting a pro-homosexual educational agenda in our schools, one which 

seeks to brainwash our children into viewing homosexual behavior as 

perfectly normal, good and moral – a healthy alternative to the traditional 

heterosexual marriage relationship.

While it is not our intent at Word of Life Church to condemn those who

struggle with homosexuality, it is important that we hold to the standards 

set for us in God’s Word. Scripture makes it very clear that the institution of 

marriage is reserved for a man and woman. God created the gift of 

marriage and as a Church we must stand for this wonderful blessing from 


It would appear the Manitoba government has decided that, contrary to the 

Bible, it is a self-evident truth that homosexual behavior is a perfectly good 

and moral alternative to the traditional heterosexual marriage relationship. 

It would appear that they believe all children should have the ‘right’ to be 

taught about, and even encouraged to explore this type of behavior.

Again, it is not our intent to condemn or show hatred toward those engaged 

in a homosexual lifestyle. However, believing that homosexuality is a sin 

because the Bible states it as such is not bullying. 

Forcing our children to learn about and accept the homosexual lifestyle is 


As Christians we need to be aware of insidious Bills such as Bill 18 that chip 

away at the moral core of our society. To some fighting this Bill may seem 

extreme. But, if we don’t stand up for the rights of the Christian home and 

the values of God’s Word then who will? This is where being a dedicated 

and unashamed believer in Jesus Christ becomes a reality.

I would encourage all of you to go to the following website 

www.protectourschools.ca and take a minute to express your opposition to 

Bill 18. You will be asked fill in your name, your mailing address and your 

email address. When you click ‘send email’ and an email outlining your 

opposition to Bill 18 will automatically be sent to 4 people:

1. Your MLA (there’s a drop-down bar to pick who your MLA is);

2. Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger

3. Education Minister Nancy Allan

4. Opposition Leader Brian Pallister

Please make this a priority as this Bill could be passed as early as this spring. 

Continue to pray for our country and our government in what is another 

clear reminder that we are living in the last days.”

Anyone know how to shut down that site (protectourschools.ca) that sends the emails?

This anti-bullying law needs to be passed.


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