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So I pulled into morden by noon last monday….

by 4 in the afternoon I may have been hammered and purchased a fucking sick skateboard that I really don’t have a clue how to ride. Good times livin’ the life as a carny.





So I got my ears pierced finally.

Got Batman logo earrings of course. 

"Dear survivors and future survivors: I think we make our own kind of hell. If we’re gonna love someone, anyone, why not start with ourselves and see where that takes us. "


Know what’s fucking annoying?

When you buy $40 worth of a new pow and you get less than $20 worth and your brother is too drunk/high already to back you up when you bring it up with the dealer. FUCK.THAT.

I do not admire soaring stock prices or massive IPOs or billion-dollar valuations. I admire drastic, unsolicited change, and I admire those who elicit [such] change.

Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal)

why in the fuck does my brother own 7 pairs of Oakleys, of which the cheapest pair cost him $170?

It’s molded plastic and plastic lenses. Give me a mold and the pellets and I could do that shit in the basement.

Pro ChoiceAnti Christ

Pro Choice
Anti Christ

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Lick my balls asshole.

I no longer call myself Atheist.

I no longer call myself anything cause I’m not sure what I am. 

God it feels like I’ve been banging my head against the same goddamn fucking wall for three fucking years.

Depression, unemployment, substance abuse, being single. This is shit. 

This is the t-shirt my not girlfriend wears to bed. 

This is the t-shirt my not girlfriend wears to bed.